I put in a whole lot of years helping others sell their products and services on  television.   Soft sell and hard, whatever was required.  I wrote and directed ads for news teams, radio stations, restaurants, bars, travel, lawyers, colleges, cameras, houses, books, radios, televisions, jewelry even insect removal.

Helping folks get the bugs out of the houseI while I was getting the bugs out of my system.


Now I tend to prefer getting similar results as a helper bee. Not feeling well?  How can we help? More serious?  We raise awareness. Need capitol?  We raise funds.

How do we train our staff to operate this thing? What is the fastest way to train with maximum retention? We need physical therapy instruction.

Doctors with internet or social media access to their patients can save time by referring patients to short videos created to answer frequently asked questions.

These very same videos can be distributed digitally to allow potential patients to contact you based on your videos.

I have also produced in-service or instructional videos with motion graphics for medical equipment and new product videos for trade shows.