CAUSE & EFFECT’s strategy is to integrate a company’s chosen cause into it’s marketing platform in such a way as to elevate the brand through values it shares with it’s customers and the community it serves.

Cause & Effect came about because I kept running into people, like me, who often yearned to make some kind of difference in the world.  People with long careers building companies, crafting solid reputations and driving sales.  Let’s face it - the world could use a little help about now.  

“You want to feel better?  Go and help someone else.”

I have no idea who said this, or where I read it, but it stuck.

Ask anyone who has put real time into a cause, either to fundraise or get hands-on, and then see a result.

When you have a cause that you believe in and take action to help those in need - I would call that a good start for our little corner of the world.

Cause & Effect creates a marketing design that draws on the same passion and motivations that drive your desire to help others.

I understand that there is a danger in being over the top.  In coming off as insincere.  This design could be reflected in a particular version of your logo. It may be about drawing your customers in to help with a particular initiative and using photo opportunities to draw attention.   


The creative behind Cause & Effect is not templated.  It has everything to do with the personality of your cause and how it relates to your business.  

Shareholders and stakeholders will always be interested in profit and the bottom line.  Business rarely thinks about positioning any other way.  

Companies big and small have discovered the benefits of chipping away at ways to make the world a better place - then taking that message to the marketplace.

Cause & Effect can be the perfect solution to a company whose face to the world needs some sprucing up.  

What I’m doing with Cause & Effect is often referred to as Cause Branding or Ethical Branding.  

I’ve included some examples of national brands that have successfully integrated a cause.

You will also find an FAQ.

Contact me if you want to talk about your cause or your business.  I will never, ever pressure anyone to do or buy anything.  I’m just a curious person with a great meeting space to talk about anything and everything.