Budman Island is the name of my company (Budman Island LLC) and also the name of where I work and play. 

 Since this has been inferred and joked about, I feel obliged to say that co-workers and friends called me Budman since the mid 80’s or about the time that the “Makin’ Copies” guy showed up on SNL.  Any relation to other types of buds are purely coincidental and not of my own doing.    :-)

My meetings are generally held in a Tiki bar that I’ve created using collected materials representing Polynesia since my days in San Diego.

If the bar isn’t your thing and it’s not a ravaging Winter, there’s a deck, a yard, comfy indoor chairs and a screening room.  

I’ll call it intimate.  Lot’s of fun but it’s the opposite of huge.

I keep my social media on the funny.  No politics.  No religion or inappropriate innuendo (as far as I know).

There are two Facebook sites.  One is mine, and the other, RHEBOODIE is an imaginary world created with my friend and joke collaborator Rhesa Schwartz.  It’s pretty nuts.

I have a Twitter account that I only spout off on occasionally.  I’ll make some kind of effort to hit that up again.  Or not.

Instagram you’ll find up top.

Give me a shout.

Have a look around.  Send me a note.  Say hello.  Let me know what you’re up to.